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The registration of The 11th International Vocal Open Competition 2024 preliminary round is happening right now!

This preliminary round allowed contestant to go for online video submission or live competition. Participants can choose the most suitable method according to their personal abilities and circumstances.

The live competition required the contestant to go to the competition venue to complete the performance within the specified time. As for the online video submission, contestant is required to complete the performance via video recording in accordance to the regulations, and submit the recorded video to the organizing committee accordingly. The recorded video will be given to the judges for evaluation in a unified manner during the competition.




Important Highlights for Live Competition:

Competition Date & Time: (Time slot will be given)
Malaysia Preliminary – 10 December 2023 
Malaysia Final Round – 29 Jan – 2 Feb 2024

***You are required to sing by memory***

What you must bring along: 

  • ID/ Passport (For identification)
  • Print out Competition notice (E-Notice send to you in email)
  • Print out 2 copies of your competition sheet song (music score & lyrics) 
  • Your piano accompanies / send your recorded accompanies music MP3 to us via email at [email protected] by 30 Nov 2023 (Malaysia Preliminary), or by 29 Dec 2023 (Malaysia Final Round)
  • Formally dressed for competition
  • Arrived minimum 20 min before the time slot

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Important Highlights for Online Video Submission:

Contestant is required to register for the competition before the closing date, follow by shooting, upload and submit the video link through email together with clear copy of your competition sheet song (music score & lyrics in PDF/ JPEG/ PNG) before the online video submission deadline. 

Online Video Submission through Email Deadline:
Malaysia Preliminary – 30 November 2023, 11:59pm (Thu)

Video Shooting Format: Horizontal (1080p x 720p) and above
Video Submission File Format: MP4 / MOV Format
Video File Size: Not more than 2GB

Recommended Video File Sharing Solution:
Wetransfer (FREE. Send file up to 2GB)
TransferXL (FREE. Send file up to 5GB)

Name Your Video:
Rename the video according to [Name]_[Class]_[TitleoftheSong]
Eg. AbigailWong_No4.3_Carmen – LamourEstUnOiseauRebelle

Send the Upload Link to Email: [email protected]

How to send accompanies soundtrack?

Naming Your Soundtrack: [YourName]_[Class]_[TitleofSong]
Eg. AbigailWong_No6.3_NeverEnough

Soundtrack Requirements:
Pure Instrumental. Echo or harmony is strictly not allowed.

Soundtrack File Format: MP3
Soundtrack File Size: Not more than 10 MB
Email the soundtrack file to: [email protected]

Soundtrack Submission Deadline:
Malaysia Preliminary – 30 Nov 2023 (11:59pm)
Malaysia Final Round – 29 Dec 2023 (11:59pm)

**POP MUSIC Contestant who use recorded sound track must send the soundtrack before the soundtrack submission deadline.
We will not entertain any soundtrack submission after deadline neither accept any soundtrack submission at the competition.

Sample of Sheet Song (Operatic)
(With Music Score & Lyrics)


Sample of Sheet Song (POP)
 (With Music Score & Lyrics)


Both the entry methods have the same classes, repertoire requirements and scoring standards. The results of both method which meet the competition requirements will be valid for the competition and award. Contestant who won the third prize or above in the preliminary round are eligible to advance to the Final in Malaysia.

Below are the recording guideline to help contestant who intent to submit their video online to record their video compliance to the competition requirements. Please be sure to read through the video recording requirements before shooting.

We look forward to your wonderful performance!




Online Submission Important Notice 參賽須知
  1. Contestant information, competition class and track duration must be strictly implemented in accordance with the competition regulations. If there is any discrepancy, the organizing committee has the right to require the contestant to resubmit.
  2. Each contestant has only one chance to submit the entry video. No further changes are allowed after submitting the competition video.
  3. All contestant videos will not be return by the organizer. The copyright of all entries belongs to the organizer. Contestant have the right of authorship. By submitting the video, the contestant authorized the terms of use to the organizer.
  4. The final interpretation right of this competition belongs to the organizing committee of preliminary round and final round of the 2024 The 11th International Vocal Open Competition.
  1. 參賽者信息及比賽組別、曲目時長需嚴格按照比賽章程執行;如存在不符合情況,組委會有權要求選手重新提交。
  2. 請選手認真準備,每位選手只有一次提交參賽視頻的機會;在提交比賽作品視頻後,不得再作更改,敬請知悉。
  3. 本次所有參賽視頻不予退還,所有參賽作品版權歸主辦單位所有。參賽者享有署名權,參賽者提交視頻後,即已授權本條款。
  4. 本次比賽最終解釋權歸2024第十一屆(香港)國際聲樂公開賽組初賽以及總決賽委會所有。

Video Recording Requirements 視頻錄製要求

*Entry video cannot be edited or processed. The lens of the video cannot be converted. It must be a ONE take video with the audio and video synchronized as it is from beginning till the end. (*Open Class contestant are required to record multiple songs in one video.)

*參賽作品不可剪輯,鏡頭不可轉換,視頻不可處理,必須完整,必須聲像同步。 (*公開組選手需將多首曲目錄製於一個視頻中。)

Preparation for Recording

1. You can use a camera or the original camera of your mobile phone to do the recording (do not use apps such as Meitu Camera/B612/Qingyan Camera to record videos). The resolution must be 1080P and above.

2. During recording, set the screen to horizontal screen and fix the camera to one position. The height of the equipment must be on the same level as the contestant.

In order to avoid video shaking affecting the scoring results, it is recommended to use a mobile phone holder or camera tripod during recording. Do not shake the shooting equipment during recording.







Vertical screen shooting is prohibited


Horizontal screen shooting (compulsory)

3. Contestant must face the camera head-on with the movements of the contestants’ limbs, face and hands clearly seen in the video. Please pay attention to the video composition safe area.

4. Contestant need to perform from memory and dress up in formal clothes or performance clothes with shoes for recording.  Uniform, t-shirt and jean, vests, slippers are strictly forbidden.

5. Accompaniment requirements: Live piano accompaniment or recording of piano accompaniment is acceptable for bel canto and folk singing.

Pop song can be recorded with the designated recording software “Sangba” APP. Players are required to use real voices without post-editing.








伴奏要求: 美聲、民族唱法使用鋼琴現場伴奏,或钢琴伴奏的錄音为伴奏均可;

Start of Video Recording 錄製開始

Stopwatch timing: Before the performance, turn on the “stopwatch” function of the mobile phone, and the contestant will start recording after clicking “Start”. The mobile phone stopwatch must keep running during the recording and must not be turned off.

Introduction: Then, the contestant are require introduce themselves in front of the camera holding a piece of A4 paper with their name on it: “I am XXX, my competition class is XXX, and the name of the piece is XXX” (Three elements of introduction = Name + Class + TitleoftheSong)





Hand held an introduction A4 sheet with name, class and title of the song

Bel canto, folk singing contestant are required to perform in their original voice. Hand-held microphones nor external devices are not allowed.


Record in a quiet environment: Only the sound of the performer should be heard. Do avoid any external noise during video recording. There should be no disturbance or distraction in the background.

If the contestant’s class needs to record two or more performance, multiple performances must be recorded in ONE video from beginning to the end. Please avoid long pauses between the performance and editing is strictly not prohibited.



End & Submit Video 錄製結束&提交

1. The format of the video file must be in MP4 or MOV format. The size of the video must not exceed 2G.

2. The performance video file submitted by the contestant must be recorded by themselves. The qualification for the competition will be revoked immediately if the organizer found out that the video is recorded by external parties.

3. Rename the video according to [Name]_[Class]_[TitleoftheSong]
Eg. AbigailWong_No4.3_Carmen – LamourEstUnOiseauRebelle

4. Upload the video to cloud server like your personal Google Drive or FREE solutions like WeTransferTransferXL. Send the video link to  organizer email at [email protected] before the online video submission deadline.

5. Online Video Submission deadline is 30 Nov 2023 (11:59pm)

* Please do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries.

1. 視頻檔格式採用MP4或MOV格式,視頻大小不得超過2G。

2. 參賽者提交的演奏錄製視頻文件,必須為本人實錄,若發現存在非本人錄製視頻情況,立即作廢比賽資格。

Eg. AbigailWong_No4.3_Carmen – LamourEstUnOiseauRebelle

4. 視頻必須上傳到雲服務器,如您的個人 Google Drive 或免費雲服務器如 WeTransferTransferXL,並在提交截止日期前將視頻鏈接發送到組織者電子郵件 [email protected]

5. 視頻提交截止日期為 2023 年 11 月 30 日(晚上 11:59)