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Calling for All Singers in Malaysia!

The 11th International Vocal Open Competition – Judges for Malaysia Preliminary included famous vocal educationists, performers and musicians.

Prize Award Ceremony 2023

Full event coverage of Malaysia Division Prize Award Ceremony 18 June 2023 in Dominus Arts Venue.

Malaysia Division Competition Winners 2023

The winner of Malaysia Division 2023 Hong Kong International Music Competition.

2023 Competition Highlights 

It is the time to SHINE! A glimpse of the competition highlights on 10 June and 18 June 2023.

The 9th International Vocal Open Competition

Hong Kong International Vocal Open Competition is a very special competition for all the singers and performers.

Highlights of 2020 Malaysia Vocal Audition 

There is a reason we do what we do because be believes Malaysia got talent! Check out our past event here!


We aspire to be the heart of the community - bringing life wherever we go

The heart is not just about being at the centre, but more importantly, it gives life. We want to bring life and energy to the music community, in the same way music brings life to people.

We believe in the power of transformational education & experiential learning

​In the era of change, nothing is impossible. Music is holistic, and we believe in providing the learner or the learned constant opportunities to excel and continue breaking boundaries.

We endeavour to provide integrated, inspiring, innovative & engaging solutions for the industry

We strive to support the music community by looking beyond the lines, taking the extra mile, and devising win-win-win solutions for the music community. Our team of young professionals are ready to assist you in taking on challenges, and ready to transcend limits.

We want to bring joy, transform & empower lives through music

The power & beauty of music lies in its ability to move people. Our goal is to develop pathways for anyone and everyone to live better lives with and through music.

In a nutshell, we exist, to empower and elevate the music community.


business as a mission: impacting the industry for the long run


We believe every musician deserves high-calibre instruments that brings out the best in you, and nothing should stand in your way from owning an instrument you are proud to call your own. 

We are passionate about bringing people together, as well as helping the community grow and expand. 


We create value by providing solutions – be it tech, media or business-related, so that you can focus on honing your craft and being your best.