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  1. 參賽者可同時選擇參加多於一個組別之賽事。
  2. 參賽者必須於比賽開始前20分鐘到達比賽場地,辦理登記手續。
  3. 所有已列明年齡限制之組別, 參賽者必須攜帶附有近照之有效身份證明文件或旅遊證件,以便比賽場地之工作人員作年齡核實。
  4. 所有參賽者必須先參加選拔賽,獲得晉級通知書後方可報名總決賽。
  5. 服裝要求正裝或者演出服。比賽不允許穿著制服或校服、運動鞋、拖鞋、T 恤和牛仔褲。
  6. 參賽者須攜帶2份樂譜以供評委會在比賽期間參考
  7. 對於評委會所作出之最終比賽成績,任何人均不得異議。
  8. 評審委員有權於比賽中途中止參賽者的演出,參賽者不得異議。
  9. 參賽者演唱時間不可超過規定時限。
  10. 所有與評審委員會之成員有任何親屬或師徒關係之參賽者,必須於申請表格內列明;如有違規者,其參賽資格將被取消。
  11. 若參賽者是任何一位評委的親屬或學生,該評委將不可評審該名參賽者。
  12. 已繳交之報名費將不獲退還,亦不得轉讓他人或轉作另一項比賽之費用。
  13. 參賽者所填報之資料必須屬實。如有違規者,其參賽資格將被取消。所有資料只會作比賽之用。
  14. 參賽者如有違反任何比賽規則,賽事委員會有權取消其參賽資格。
  15. 主辦方擁有所有選手參賽視頻及照片的使用權。
  16. 任何人士不得於比賽場地內進行攝影、錄影或錄音,一切錄像版權均屬賽事委員會所有。
  17. 所有在場人士均須小心看管個人財物,如有任何遺失,賽事委員會均不會負責。
  18. 除伴奏外,每位參賽者可由一人陪同進入比賽場地觀賽,額外觀眾必須訂購門票。
  19. 大師課、講座、音樂會等系列活動,每位參賽者可免費參加,額外觀眾必須訂購門票。(只限於參加總決賽的參賽者)
  20. 報名後若需更改參賽項目或其他資料,需每次繳交行政費(大馬賽區100馬幣)。比賽期間不能擅自更改參賽組別及其他資料。
  21. 初賽報名截止時間以各賽區通知為准,大馬賽區報名截止時間2023年11月23日,逾期報名或不會受理,或需要加行政費用(大馬賽區100馬幣)。
  22. 如遇戰爭、疫情、地震等不可抗力因素致使比賽無法進行,賽事組委會有權利調整比賽方式或變更比賽時間及地點,已繳之報名費一律不予退還。
  23. 獲勝者或參與者同意並允許HOM Music收集、使用、分享和儲存個人數據,這些數據對比賽(包括宣傳)和HOM Music履行其義務、與獲勝者和參與者互動和溝通以及獲勝者或參與者的合法利益是必要的。
  24. 主辦方有權修改賽事規則,若有任何修改,恕不另行通知。
  25. 總決賽主辦方,大馬賽區主辦方保留對本次賽事的最終解釋權。
  26. 如英文版本與中文內容有任何差異,應以英文原文為準。
  1. Contestants may enter more than one class.
  2. Contestants are required to arrive at the competition venue 20 minutes prior to the competition starts.
  3. For all classes with specified age limit, contestants are required to bring along their I.D/passport for age verification at registration desk.
  4. All contestants must compete in the preliminary round to get qualified to the Final Round.
  5. Contestants should dress formally. Uniform, sport shoes, slipper, t-shirt and jean is not allowed at the competition.
  6. Participants are required to bring 2 copies of sheet music for the jury reference during competition.
  7. Competition results made by jury members is final and shall not be disputed.
  8. Jury member reserves the right to terminate one’s performance.
  9. Contestant must complete their performance within the set time.
  10. Contestants who have any relatives or teacher-student relationship with any member of Judge Committee must be listed in the application form. Otherwise, their eligibility will be disqualified.
  11. If contestant is a relative or student of any judge, the judge shall not judge that contestant.
  12. Entry fees are not refundable or transferable.
  13. Contestants should not submit any inaccurate or misleading information. Otherwise, the application will be disqualified. All personal information given by contestants will only be used for the competition.
  14. The Organizing Committee has the right to disqualify any contestant who violates any of the rules and regulations stated above.
  15. The Organizing Committee has the right to use all contestants’ videos and photos.
  16. Audio and video recordings are not allowed. The competition committee has all the copyrights of the competition images.
  17. All attendees of the competition are reminded to take care of their personal belongings. The organizing committee will not be responsible for any lost.
  18. Each contestant or team may be accompanied by one person into the venue to watch the competition. Additional audience must purchase a ticket.
  19. Masterclasses, lectures, concerts, and other series of events are free to each contestant. Additional audience must purchase a ticket. (This only applicable to contestant participates in the Final Round in Malaysia)
  20. An administrative fee (RM100 for Malaysia Preliminary Round) will be charged for each amendment if made after the application form is submitted.
  21. The registration deadline for the preliminary rounds will be determined by local organizing committee. Registration closing date for Malaysia Preliminary Round is 23 Nov, 2023. Late application might not be processed or might need to pay an administrative surcharge of RM100 for Malaysia Preliminary Round in addition to the application fee.
  22. In case of war, epidemic, earthquake and other force majeure factors, the competition cannot be carried out, Organizing Committee reserves the right to adjust the competition method or reschedule the time and place, without any responsibility. The registration fee will not be refunded nor transferred to others.
  23. The winner or participant consents and allows HOM Music to collect, use, share and store the personal data which is necessary for the Competition (include marketing & promotion) and for HOM Music to perform its obligation, to interact and communicate with the winner and participant and for legitimate interests of the winner or participant.
  24. Competition information are subject to modified by Hong Kong International Musician Association and for Malaysia Preliminary Round, by the local organiser, HOM Music Sdn. Bhd.
  25. Hong Kong International Musician Association and HOM Music Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia Preliminary Round Organizer) reserves the right of final explanation of the Competition and relevant activities.
  26. In the event of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese content, the original English version shall prevail.