Built with you in mind.

A guitar that is lighter and easier to use so you can play your heart out. Eye-catching design that turn heads and wows. A beautiful sound that will melt hearts and make you fall in love. This is the guitar built to make you feel awesome - because you, my friend, are one in a billion.

why be ordinary
when you can be


You can have the best of both worlds.

Yes, you can have a guitar that is both lightweight and capable of producing an amazing sound. Our honeycomb-structured soundboard is the lightest we’ve ever created, and specially designed so you never have to trade-off between portability and a beautiful sound.

Play your heart out,
don't hold back

The Lava Me 2 is your guitar – built for you to create extraordinary music, lifelong memories and a lasting impression. The Super AirSonic carbon fibre makes all of that, and more, possible by making your guitar stronger, more durable and weatherproof.

Playing the guitar has never been more comfortable.

The FlyNeck is designed to be so comfortable, you would never want to stop playing.

Reengineered. Reinforced.
Ready for you.

You can play with a peace of mind, thanks to the 2 ultra-stiff carbon fibre bars used to reinforce the guitar neck.

It's all about you.

Music is all about expression – add your own flavour into your music with the built-in Reverb, Delay and Chorus effects thanks to the FreeBoost technology. 

The best part is? You don’t even need an amplifier to experience it. 

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36-inch, travel size guitar made with Super AirSonic carbon fiber. The LAVA ME 2 is well performed from -68℉ to 140℉, moisture 10% to 90%. The FreeBoost technology allows the players to produce Delay, Chorus and Reverb right on the guitar with or without plugging in.